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Our Story

 Founder & CEO Keshia Bynum started juicing in 2017, after attending a “Girls Night In” gathering where two women created different juices and explained the benefits. Realizing drinking celery and beets wasn’t as bad as she thought, she immediately went out to buy a juicer. She created juices for herself and her sister, COO Tanisha Willis, whenever they needed to detox or just a boost of energy!

In 2019, Keshia officially adopted a plant based lifestyle while living in Los Angeles and drank fresh juices & ginger shots daily after hiking or working out. After realizing processed foods, white sugars, meat and dairy are the cause of most diseases and health issues in the black community, she made a conscious decision to change her lifestyle.  With downtown LA being immersed with healthy food options, it was easy for Keshia to learn more about the medicinal benefits of fruits, vegetables and herbs.

After moving back to her hometown of Detroit from LA in early 2020 during the beginning of the worldwide Pandemic; Keshia realized the lack of places to shop for raw and unpasteurized juices in her city. The struggle of living in a food desert inspired her process of starting a juice bar in her city, however, starting a brick & mortar business during the pandemic was extremely difficult so she chose to start her business online. 

After tons of research and taste testing, Keshia created delicious juice recipes with each juice having multiple health & overall wellness benefits. She included herbs like ginger and turmeric to the juices to help combat illnesses in a time where we needed to the most. It was also important for her to educate her community of each ingredient in Culture Juices and their benefits via social media which she does daily. 


   Mission Statement

Our mission at Culture Juices is to help increase the life expectancy of people of color through education of healthy food options and cold pressed juices that will enrich the mind, body & soul.