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Post-Op Bundle

Post-Op Bundle

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Our Post-Op Bundle is a great way to get the nutrients needed after surgery. Knowing what to eat and drink before and after your surgery can play a huge role in your overall recovery and healing period. Typically, the list of what to eat and drink before and during surgery recovery includes lots of liquids, whole foods, foods high in fiber, healthy fats and foods low in sodium. This bundle includes:

Sweet Lady (2)

Boomerang (2)

Love Jones

This bundle is beneficial because it includes a significant amount of pineapple juice.

Pineapple juices has tons of benefits that include:

1. Anti-Inflammatory Properties
Pineapple contains bromelain, which is a powerful enzyme that has many surprising and helpful properties. One of the main benefits of bromelain is that it speeds healing by reducing inflammation. Bromelain also minimizes the occurrence of bruising, which is particularly beneficial for recovery from surgery.

2. Fights Nausea and Aids Digestion
Another wonderful effect of bromelain is that it aids in overall digestion and helps fight nausea. Bromelain may help to breakdown protein faster, improving the speed of digestion. In addition to bromelain, pineapples also contain a high content of water and fiber, which can help ease constipation, a common complication after surgery. Post-op patients are particularly prone to nausea and may even lose their appetite. However, it is very important to eat after surgery so that your body may begin healing and regain strength. The Post-Op Bundle after surgery may give your body the little boost it needs to start feeling normal again.

3. Immune Boosting Effects
Pineapples are packed with Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that fights cell damage. Consuming pineapples before and after surgery can reduce your risks of coming down with a cold or an infection. And being in the best health possible will allow you to recover more quickly after surgery!