Benefits of Juicing

There's so many reasons why I love juicing! With the endless amounts of benefits, its a great way to began or enhance your healthy lifestyle. Juicing allows you to get more vitamins and nutrients in a shorter span of time.

'Detoxing and cleansing your body are two of the biggest connections to juicing that provides many benefits. 

Detoxification: While the body has natural ways of cleansing itself, many believe that juicing is a great way to go deeper. Cleanse means to rid your body of toxic or unhealthy substances. Your liver and kidneys are the main detoxifying organs. You also have your skin which expels in the form of sweat or your lungs which removes CO2. While these organs and more can act as detoxing agents, toxins can still be stored.

With a cleanse, you want to flush these toxins out of your body and take in nutrients to strengthen all of your working parts. Juicing is great because of the high concentration you receive. Juicing, paired with eliminating other troublesome things from your diet, can help restore your body and improve your overall function.

Cleanse: While a cleanse focuses on eliminating toxins through natural means, cleansing is often regarded as gut health (i.e colon cleanse or colonic). This means that the goal is to improve the function of your gastrointestinal tract. A large number of the population suffer with various gut health issues. Juicing will give your digestive system a break from the hard work it takes to process whole foods and their fibers.' -Dayna, 3-Day Green Juice Detox 

While we love juicing, we know that it takes time that some people don't necessarily have daily so Culture Juices is here to make it easy for you all! 

You can store frozen juices for up to 6 months. When it is time to unthaw a juice, do this in the refrigerator and drink them as soon as you are able so that you avoid further nutrient loss.